An Innovative Process

The Nos Aruba 2025 process ensures that the voice of the general public is heard loud and clear and becomes the driving force for Aruba's future development. Nos Aruba 2025 is geared towards formulating strategic plans that will be carried out step by step in realizing the vision of Nos Aruba 2025. By stimulating dialogue among the public sector, private sector and all branches of society, we will be able to establish a far-reaching vision and the ways in which to implement our goals. The time has arrived for us to express the direction we would like to take the island, and together, determine our future.

How is Nos Aruba 2025 different?

This project will encompass contributions from a broad base of the Aruban community. The resulting dialogue will form the basis of the vision. Strategic plans will be carried out with sufficient time allowed in the realization of Nos Aruba 2025.

The goals for Nos Aruba 2025 that come to light as a result of this process will be carried out in an integral manner. Issues, related to the economy, social concerns and the environment, will be brought into focus and into balance. This approach will allow for the successful creation and realization of the vision through the active participation of the varied members of our community.

How can I contribute?

I love my island. I want to work towards a better Aruba. How can I offer my support?

Ways to contribute:

  • Share a story in the forum of the Nos Aruba 2025 website,, that answers the question: As you look back on your life in Aruba, when have you felt most alive and inspired or proud? Think about a specific time, event or situation in your personal or work life that was a high point, a peak experience. Share a story that describes that feeling. Where were you? When did it take place? Who else was involved? Why is it important to you? How do you still feel about it today?
  • Post your favorite picture on the website, and contribute your viewpoint on different subjects, analyses and discussions.
  • Participate in the forum, and contribute your viewpoint on different subjects, analyses and discussions.
  • Spread the word.
  • Actively participate at the events
  • Keep an eye on for news of activities;
  • Let us know what you would most like to do via fax at number 583-4494 or via email at CLOAKING ;
  • Pass by the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry, Sun Plaza 1st floor or call this department at telephone number and 582-1181 and talk to one of the Project Management Team Members;
  • Gather people together – family, community, at your work and share the information with the different commissions (click on commissions) and/or Project Management Team;
  • Help with organizing events and be part of a commission (click on commissions)
  • Participate in commissions. The commissions are open to anyone in the Aruban community who wants to contribute to Nos Aruba 2025 by participating in activities regarding analysis, discussion and reporting.
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