altNos Aruba 2025 is being financed through Fondo Desaroyo Aruba (Aruba Development Fund). The Department of Economic Affairs functions as the project management team and has a coordinating role in this project. The Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry of Aruba (DEACI) is a government agency with the objective of advising the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs on domestic macro- and microeconomic policy and on international trade issues, and to promote investments and exports.

The DEACI consists of five divisions: Investment Promotion, Foreign Economic Relations, Business License, Economic Policy Implementation, Economic Policy and Development Cooperation. The DEACI has broad experience in planning. The division of Economic Policy & Development Cooperation has been in charge of macroeconomic planning since 1986, with the preparation of National Development Plans. This division has also been in charge of the preparation of the development programs for the Dutch Development Cooperation (meerjarenprogramma's ontwikkelingssamenwerking tussen Nederland en Aruba 2001-2005 en 2006-2009) and the National Investigative Programs for the European Development Funds since 1986.

The organization is made up of a mixture of young, highly-qualified individuals and experienced professionals, who share the goal of offering excellent services to the public. For more information regarding the Department of Economic Affairs please visit our website

The Aruba Tourism Authority plays a supporting role in the Project Management Team and actively contributes to the Nos Aruba 2025 project. For more information, please visit our website

The Project Management Team is assisted by Wikima Partners Aruba Limited. Wikima are organization and community change consultants.

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