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Meet the Winners



Appreciating Nos Aruba

altNos Aruba 2025 uses the Appreciative Inquiry method to effectively manage change. For more than two decades, the Appreciative Inquiry model has been utilized in the USA. Today, it is one of the most revolutionary, positive models used by academics in organizational development and change management. The model was created by David Cooperrider, an academic affiliated with Case Western Reserve University.

The Appreciative Inquiry method is different than other more traditional methods. The Appreciative Inquiry model offers an opportunity to inform, imagine and innovate, instead of supporting a critical approach. According to Appreciative Inquiry theory, organizations and communities that have a negative culture focus too much on threats and weaknesses. This creates the perspective that identified problems are overwhelming, leading to a state of negativism and desperation. Appreciative Inquiry is a process that inspires change and involvement by the community. It enhances connectivity and seeks to enact positive change through relationships, networks and broad knowledge and action.

Appreciative Inquiry has 4 stages:

  1. DISCOVERY: What gives life? (Appreciating the best of Aruba)
  2. DREAM: What might be? (Envisioning impact: Shared images for a preferred future)
  3. DESIGN: What does innovation look like? (Co-constructing the ideal)
  4. DESTINY: How to empower? (Sustaining the vision through action)

For more information visit our Knowledge Center.

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