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Meet the Winners



Due to the rapid economic developments since 1986 an imbalance was obtained between economic, social and environmental developments. This imbalance becomes more and more obvious daily. Due to this, the Aruban community concerns about working towards sustainable development has increased over time. Nos Aruba 2025 presents the opportunity to the Aruban community to participate in together determining a vision for Aruba in 2025. Through public involvement the Aruban community can identify its core values and a vision for Aruba until 2025. The vision encompass the changes the Aruban population wants to see in Aruba in a time period of fifteen years and how these changes can occur and who will implement the actions to realize these positive changes.

Everybody living in Aruba can give her/his input in determining the vision for Aruba. This can be done by keeping an eye on www.nosaruba2025.aw or www.nosaruba2025.com for news of activities. Or you can let us know what you would like to do via fax at 583-4494 or via email at CLOAKING .

Presently, twelve commissions of Nos Aruba 2025 together are working towards making actions plans in how to gain sustainable development in Aruba. For more details on these commissions Everybody who is interested to work in a commission can do so by contacting the chairperson of each commission: Click here

Also Arubans abroad are very welcome in giving their input.

Arubans Abroad
Arubans, such as yourself, who are currently living abroad, share a commonality. At times you might sit down at night, in front of your TV, and remember your Aruba. In your hearts you will always remember where you came from and will cherish the beautiful memories you have of your island. Many of you, when meeting your fellow Arubans, start to reminisce about life on Aruba or may even discuss current events happening on the island. Many of you have great insights, new experiences and different perspectives. Despite where you are currently living, you most likely would still like to contribute to the well-being of Aruba. Nos Aruba 2025 provides the opportunity for Arubans living abroad to have a voice in the creation of a new vision for the island.

You are the future of tomorrow! It is a well-known expression and, particularly in this case, highly accurate. Nos Aruba 2025 provides the opportunity to network, work on group projects, exchange ideas, and support each other in an effort to better your neighborhood and community. You can serve an important role in the future success of Aruba by sharing your experiences and hopes for the island, and working towards the implementation of different proposals. The commission Lifelong Learning and Personal Development has a sub commission called Next Generation which is especially working on the youth. You can participate in this sub commission. Contact the chairperson of the commission Lifelong Learning and Personal Development Gwennan Boekhoudt email: CLOAKING

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